Spotlight on Sex Parties

A few things you need to know before getting involved.

The glamour and mystery are attractive to many, but lack of information surrounding sex parties often stops people going. Check out our insider's guide to what really happens behind closed doors...


Finding a sex party to go to is easier than you might think and the 'adult partying’ scene is growing fast. Venues range from super luxurious to casual and there is a sex party out there for everyone's tastes. Just like any other party they can range from boring to unforgettable! Be aware that even though they are often set in glamorous locations and the ambience is charged with sexual energy, the people who attend are normal with all body types and shapes.

An assumption is often made that people who attend sex parties or indulge in group sex are reckless and open to risky behaviour, however, it is usually quite the opposite. Sexual health status can be openly discussed beforehand and iPlaySafe App is making that conversation easier than ever. Other users can see if you have tested negative for STIs within the last six months, giving peace of mind to potential partners.


People who are curious often put off going to their first sex party as they are worried they will feel pressure to be naked and have sex. No one is entitled to sex, even at a sex party, and paying to enter is not a guarantee. Whether you're planning to go on your own, with friends or with your partner, always ask for permission before touching someone, don’t assume that a lack of response means ‘yes’ and don't join other people's hook-ups unless you've been invited.

If it’s your first party, bringing someone along may help with the vulnerability of being alone. Be very clear on what your boundaries are, and if you are attending with a partner, make sure you agree what both your boundaries are. When you are clear, check if

If it’s your first time you will probably be nervous and will want to drink to take the edge off, but don’t get drunk. It’s very important to be in control in order to give people consent to play with you.


Checking the party website for dress code is always advised. For events without specific dress codes, a cocktail dress with lingerie underneath is a safe bet for women and something you would wear to a normal nightclub for men.

It is important to note that sex parties are not a place for selfies or photo souvenirs. There are usually very strict rules about taking photos or videos and anyone who does risks being permanently banned from that club.

Most parties welcome couples and single women, but not single men. There will most likely be rules in place to make sure everyone feels safe and respected, make sure you read these before attending.


Always be conscious about safety and safe sex. Be as careful as you can be when it comes to your sexual health and always associate with partygoers who feel the same way.

The majority of sex parties provide safe sex supplies but come prepared with your own. And most importantly be up to date with your sexual health status. If you attend sex parties it is important to get tested for STIs at least twice a year, so you have the peace of mind to play with confidence. It’s important to engage in sexual activities with like-minded people who you know are diligent in monitoring their own sexual health.

First Time Advice

Joining a sex party chat group can be a great way to meet people with common interests and to see posts about events that might interest you. These can include intro sex parties which give a flavour of what's to come or full-on sex parties. You can also ask other partygoers beforehand to share their sexual health status. There is nothing sexier than taking control of your sexual health and owning your sexuality. And it’s never been safer or easier.


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