Masturbation; An act of self-care?

Now, I know what needs to be done to get to A-B in the quickest time possible, unless it is my plugged in 100watts body wand that sends me through the roof - my hands really know best.

History of Masturbation -As technology keeps moving forward and the world of sex is becoming more and more open, we may feel like the generation that are the most sex positive. However, there is so much documentation and even artifacts throughout time to prove that we are not the only ones who love a little touch. Women have literally been doing it for themselves for longer than we may think. Here are just a few pieces of history that had me thinking ‘okay sisters, I see you’.

- Now this one shocked me! A dildo that is over 30,000 years old was found in Germany, and there is a lot more ‘dildo’ like objects that have been found across the world from different eras to. So, I wonder who this lucky lady was in Germany? To be honest I haven’t seen the dildo yet so I will leave the lucky part until I do. (I wonder what cocks where like 30,000 years ago has there been an evolution ha ha?)

- Taking it back to Ancient Greece. I have always felt Ancient Greece seemed like a very sexy place to be at looking back in History, but jokes aside – In ancient Greece men and women believed they had to ejaculate so that a child could be born, so women were encouraged to get themselves very wet and to finger themselves to keep the flow going. Obviously, they were wrong, but I am sure they had fun whilst trying.

- Do you ever fantasize or better yet like a little sexy party? Well you are not the only one and have not been for a very long time. Ancient pagan groups in the Middle East believed masturbation was a sign of abundance. So, to ensure a good harvest people would group together and masturbate to get the fertile gods to send good fortune their way. The goal was to all climax at the same time. Crops and orgasms, sounds like success to me.

There is so much history when it comes to masturbation. We are and have been sexual beings for quite some time now. Even the Victorians, who were technically by law not allowed to masturbate as it was seen as a ‘sin’. This did not stop them for a cheeky trip to the doctors for a ‘pelvic massage’. Now now ladies, we know what was happening in those rooms.

Next time you are feeling a little or dirty next time you want to release, don’t my darling! This has been going on long before you.

Health Benefits

Orgasms are great, there is no denying that and behind every orgasm is a chemical reaction which is even better for our body. When we orgasm, it releases hormones like oxytocin and serotonin which have a host of benefits. When these chemicals are released in our bodies it has been proven that it reduces stress, can lead to a good night’s sleep and even better has been known to help release pain. Masturbation equating to self-care, yes, I am convinced so far.

There is also some evidence from a small study conducted in 2004 that there are links between masturbation and a boost for your immune system. So, if your spending your days indoors on your third or even fourth orgasm, remember you are just doing your bit to tackle coronavirus and keep your body well.

Finally, a we can dive into this topic a little deeper another time. However an orgasm when on your period can make our time of the month that little bit easier, especially if you suffer with those awful cramps When an orgasm occurs it increases blood flow to the genitals and releases endorphins which in effect relieves cramping and tension in our uterus.

Connecting with yourself

Last but certainly not least, connecting with our sexual self. A huge part of having a happy and healthy sex life with our sexual partners, we first need to have a happy and healthy connection with ourselves. The more we understand about our body, the more we can understand what we like and really don’t like. So, when it’s time to have sex we can enter confident and excited without the shame and the awkwardness us women are sometimes faced with when it comes to sex. Whether you like using your fingers, using toys or even humping your pillow – no matter what fantasies get you going, or you enjoy watching a little porn to get there quicker. Embrace your sexual self and never feel embarrassed.

With all the history, the health benefits and the personal benefits, it is evident to me that masturbating is indeed an act of self-care. Case closed.

Pussy Power to the world baby!


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